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About courses

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience to help you and your team members to grow your business efficiently with help of modern tools and methods!

We offer a wide range of intensive courses, that can be organized at your location according to your schedule.

In addition to available courses, we could prepare a custom course or workshop designed according to specific needs of your organization.

All the courses include both theoretical and parts, as well as group work and individual exercises, that help to develop practical skills and support team building.

Our courses are primarily designed to support these practical areas: strategic and digital marketing, customer research and user experience design, business modelling and strategic planning, visual content creation and design fundamentals, etc.

Course examples

Starting a successful business: define key components of a business using popular framework Business Model Canvas, learn how to perform competitor analysis, define customer journey and customer personas, etc.
Graphics for social media: how to create amazing covers for Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, learn how free online tools could help you to make beautiful designs fast and trouble-free
MailChimp basics: beginners course about using MailChimp to make newsletters, get to know popular free software used to create attractive email campaigns and send them to a list of people
Search Engine Optimization 101: learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve your site search ranking and increase search traffic to your pages
Use images effectively online: learn essentials about finding, optimizing and uploading images to the web as well as technical and legal aspects
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Workshop & Master Class

950starting (excl. VAT)
  • What is included
  • up to 4 hours workshop at the client's location for a group of max 8 people
  • Options
  • business model canvas, competitor analysis, critical success factors, customer journey, focus group, marketing mix, partner analysis, personas, PESTLE analysis, process journey, SWOT analysis and much more

Intensive Course

2 000starting (excl. VAT)
  • What is included
  • up to 12 hours workshop at the client's location for a group of max 16 people, course materials
  • Options
  • starting a successful business, graphics for social media, MaiChimp basics, search engine optimization, use images effectively online, GDPR explained, more comming soon

Custom-Tailored Training

3 500starting (excl. VAT)
  • What is included
  • content and duration of the workshop are defined according to the requirements of the client, max 16 people, course materials
  • Options
  • topic defined by the client, in addition to training at the customer location it is possible to organize the distant training using video chat