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Welcome to our brand new website! Cobalt Studio is the next step in developing our creative services. Formally known as "Gennady Kurushin Design & Photography", today Cobalt Studio is offering a much wider selection of services that also include web ...

Adobe Suomi 100

Award Adobe Finland 100

We were honored to receive official Adobe photo competition award Finland 100 (Suomi 100). Among numerous contenders photo taken by Gennady Kurushin was selected as a winning by the professional jury members. The photo is featuring City Hall – one of the key historical buildings of Helsinki captured during the unique natural phenomenon known as sea fog, that sometimes could be seen in the coastal region.

Poster Exhibition Helsinki - Moscow - Tokyo

Exhibition Helsinki – Moscow – Tokyo

Photo exhibition “Helsinki – Moscow – Tokyo” was displayed at Virka Gallery located in The City Hall of Helsinki. The event was featured in Kamera-lehti – one of the biggest and oldest Finnish magazines dedicated to photography. This exhibition presented scenes from three capital cities after sundown.