Cobalt Studio

Cobalt is a design and digital marketing studio based in Helsinki. We are specialised in goal-driven design with a touch of Nordic minimalism. By combining creativity and efficiency we translate ideas of our clients into applicable visual assets.

Our process is based on progressive methods: Design Thinking (solution-focused approach) and User-centred Design (prioritising user needs).
We highly value the opinion of our customers and organise our work in close cooperation with them. Most of our clients are Finnish small and medium enterprises as well as non-profit and academic organizations. We are open for international cooperation.

Since 2015 we have participated in numerous business and nonprofit projects as a provider of graphic and web design services as well as digital marketing consultants. During the previous years among our clients were well-known companies Soft Protector Oy, Recover Nordic Oy, Exsilio Oy as well as various organizations including the Delft University of Technology, Nordic International Studies Association, Allegra Lab, Valtiotieteellinen yhdistys ry, ETMU ry and many others.

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Photo Gennady Kurushin

Gennady Kurushin

Graphic & Web Designer, Entrepreneur

Multi-talented professional with broad experience in design and digital marketing. Committed to provide creative solutions and help you to build a successful brand strategy. Qualified to create eye-catching visual content and websites that will boost your brand awareness and deliver the message to the target audience. Trusted by a number of Finnish companies and aimed at building a lasting relationship with the clients.

Gennady is an active member of the WordPress Helsinki community. He was one of the core team organizers of the WordCamp Finland 2016 and gave several lectures on topics of visual content and privacy.
As an active supporter of popular science, Gennady is helping several nonprofit organization in Finland to boost their digital presence and distribute educational content.

For over 10 years Gennady was photographing urban and rural landscapes, his fine art photographs were awarded multiple times and displayed at several exhibitions, including “Suomi100” photography award by Adobe in 2017, a personal exhibition at Virka Gallery in Helsinki City Hall in 2016 and many others. Read more about experience and awards from Gennady’s CV.


“Gennady on mahtava tyyppi, jonka kanssa oli ilo tehdä yhteistyötä. Asiantuntevalla, innovatiivisellä ja osaavalla otteella hän loi uuden markkinointimateriaalin ja vielä täysin mahdottomassa aikataulussa. Olimme hyvin tyytyväisiä hänen työnsä lopputulokseen.”
“Gennady truly has a broad experience in design and digital marketing. He is very easy to work with and he easily understands our company’s needs, sometimes even better than we do. Gennady is quick, precise and has very good visual eye. For our company Gennady has provided both printed and digital materials, brochures, roll-ups, adverts, product displays, in-store materials, labels, product and event photography, for example. We are very happy to have him in our team and would recommend him highly.”
“Gennady helped us with the blog and website renewal. Gennady coordinated and conducted the project carefully on schedule. He is enthusiastic, very dedicated to his work and easy to communicate with. He is also well aware about the latest regulations and recommendations concerning privacy, google searches etc. Our organization highly recommends!”
“I would highly recommend Gennady for any freelance or full time work – it is hard to find a more trustworthy and skillful person who can control various projects at the same time while providing fantastic results. Additionally, he is an expert in many aspects such as taking photos, designing visuals (such as labels, posters, banners etc.), understanding SEO+SEM and creating websites – just to name a few.”
“As a Start-up company we particularly appreciated Gennady’s overall understanding of webdesign combined with his exceptional graphical skills. Gennady quickly grasped the essence of our business concept and produced a worldclass website for us. He has excellent communication skills and a flexibility of mind that makes working with him both effective and pleasant.”
Luotettava, luova, nopea ja työnantajansa toiveita tarkasti kuunteleva toteuttaja, jolta saa kätevän keskitetysti kaikki graafisen-, websuunnittelun, yms. palvelut. Tietää miten pientä budjettia voidaan hyödyntää parhaiten yleishyödyllisen toiminnan puitteissa. Täydellinen paketti!